The Apostle’s Desire of Resurrection

In the third chapter of Phillipians, the Apostle Paul talks about knowing Christ. It is on this basis that he expresses his hope, as seen in verse eleven:

“If by any means I might attain unto heaven”

Oh, hang on, I got that wrong. My mistake. What he really says is,

“If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection“.

In a theological world where “heaven” and “the resurrection” are treated as almost synonyms, most believers would read over the verse without much thought, even substituting their preconceptions about heaven into the verse. It’s both an astounding and awful habit, whereby we read the word but “see” another. It’s all down to indoctrination of the wrong type, and I’ve suffered with it as much as anyone. Even after paying closer attention to the words in the verse, many would wish it said heaven. After all, there’s precious little evidence to back up their beautifully alliterative but erroneous phrase, “heaven or hell”.

Paul deliberately chooses to say that his hope is the resurrection, whereas most believers wouldn’t. They’d invariably say their hope is heaven, in an [unwitting?] departure from the overall teaching of the Bible; and if we look at the whole New Testament, especially the best record of Apostolic preaching – in the Book of Acts – you won’t find a single statement that if we trust in Jesus we’ll go to heaven. So many have fallen for a heathen Greek philosophy of human-shaped immaterial souls. It proves just how we’re more influenced by the teachings of men than the Bible itself.

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~ by Animus on June 26, 2015.

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