Burning the Koran

Recently, in an example of PC posturing, the British authorities refused entry to a US pastor. If you were thinking that it must be serious, seeing as Muslim extremists (i.e. the proper ones) are not always barred; if you were thinking that this man must be guilty of a crime more heinous than advocating genocide, you’d be right. This man threatened to burn a book. You heard me right. He was seriously going to take one of his own books (a copy of the Koran, if that matters) and burn it. What do you mean, “What’s the big deal?” It’s obvious…it’s erm, because, erm…well, it must be because he should have recycled it. You know the clout this environmental lobby has.

Serious mode now. I’m on the fence again. The first side of this fence: burning the Koran, for no good reason, could be very damaging. Christians around the world, who have spent decades reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ, could find the relationships they’ve built destroyed. They could find themselves being expelled from the countries they work in. Then there are the protests all over the world, which often end in rioting, and sometimes people are killed. (The scale of the violence after the Danish cartoons of Mohammed—not particularly funny ones, I should add—should at least do away with the argument that these incidents are carried out by “extremists”; it’s too large a section of Islam to be written off as a fundamentalist fringe movement.)

The other side of the fence: once again, the world has shown its willingness to pull out all the stops to appease international Islam. This pile of old books, all the property of the Pastor, was to be burned. Well, it is just paper. It didn’t magically become holy when it rolled off the printing press. And for the Christian, he should view the Muslims’ idolatry of paper and ink in the same way as he views the Church of Rome’s use of statues of Mary, i.e. with absolute contempt. And because of this idolatry, millions of Muslims around the world are prepared to foment civil unrest, commit violence, and even murder innocent people, all because someone decided to destroy a book which was theirs to do with as they wanted! When my reference copy of the Koran is tatty, it will go to the same resting place as my old Bibles: in the recycling bin or on the bonfire.

So another side of me thinks we should all burn copies of the Koran, and draw silly cartoons of Mohammed. Silly? Yes. Unnecessary? Well, maybe not. Maybe Muslims need to be offended, on a huge scale. Let them get so tired of protesting every day that they get used to being offended. After all, the rest of the human race has to to put up with being offended without threatening everyone. Then, when they’ve calmed down, they can integrate more fully with the rest of the world, as people who have every right to protest peacefully when they’re offended, if they want.

Bibles get burned, without the entire Western world renting their garments in grief. Here are a few examples of news reports:

  • 2005: ‘Saudi Arabia Desecrates Hundreds of Bibles Annually’
  • 2006: ‘Muslim Students Urinate, Spit On, Then Burn Bible’
  • 2007: ‘Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses’
  • 2008: ‘Muslims burn Bible in Pakistan’

Christ’s name is slandered, and his people are persecuted, every day. How do Christians respond? Does our society fear a violent uprising by Christians? Do Christians call for the beheading of atheists? Honestly, comparing them with Muslims all over the world, can you say Islam is as peaceful?

The international outcry is extremely worrying. Did Hillary Clinton speak out so vociferously when three Christian schoolgirls were beheaded? Did the FBI interview Muslims who openly showed support for terrorism on marches through the USA? Did Interpol ever speak out against Islamic death threats in Europe? And did the President of the United States himself intervene when Christians were burned alive in Iraq? If you’re thinking that the outcry was way over the top, you’re bang on. These world leaders and international institutions don’t even blink when tens of thousands of innocent civilians are slaughtered, but they wail in despair on the world stage when someone wants to burn a pile of paper. Sickening and hypocritical, the lot of them.

Christians, don’t be like me. Don’t forget, frequently, that God is sovereign. Don’t forget that the end of Islam is coming, and a great destruction it will be. All the trappings of their false religion, gone. All its followers who never abandon it and turn to Christ, gone.

We don’t have to burn the Koran—God’s going to do that for us.



~ by Animus on January 26, 2011.

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