The Book Deception

If someone publishes a book on some contentious topic, that wealth of evidence means there must be truth behind it, right?

Consider the books about evolution. Not those boring ones people have to study at university. I mean ones written for the man in the street—interesting stuff, and without the complex data. After all, they’re the only ones most people, including me, can understand. What I’m about to say also refers to those books which are thick and boring, but we’ll leave them for the biology students.

Richard Dawkins, the darling of atheism, wrote a book a while back called The Greatest Show on Earth. Although professing to be about evolution, he attempts to show that belief in a creator god is proof of being uneducated or mentally ill. The weak Christian might look at a book like this and think that it’s a lot of information against their belief system; and I know some will be scared at the thought of being unable to counter the latest attacks.

Like everyone else, I’ve grown up being bombarded with the notion of biological evolution. It was in the school textbooks. It was on the telly. It was in magazines and newspapers. How can anyone dare believe that so many people could be wrong?

Not wanting to be one of this world’s sheep, I often rebel against conventional ideas. Looking into arguments for creation, I became aware that this evolutionary edifice was not as real as it pretended to be. It’s like standing in front of a mighty-looking castle, only to discover it’s a façade made of wood, with lengths of 2-by-2 propping it up from the inside.

This realisation meant coming to a startling conclusion: that the majority of the best minds in this world are wrong. Many people who have argued with me against creation have cited the huge number of evolutionary scientists as evidence that their hypothesis must be true. It doesn’t matter that there are thousands of scientists alive today who believe in creation, or that many of the biggest names in the history of science were too. ‘We’ve got more than you, so there’ is about the depth of their reasoning.

The Christian knows that there is a God, and that he created the world through his son, Jesus Christ. There is faith (which many people often refer to disparagingly as ‘blind faith’) and reason behind our position. The facts we see around us makes sense when viewed from a position of faith in God.

The lesson we should learn is not to be intimidated by big books which claim to prove our faith is stupid. Never underestimate the ability of men to produce substantial amounts of arguments against what you believe. Whatever anyone holds to, whether atheist or Christian, Nazi or Communist, hunter or bunny-hugger; there will always be someone out there who could write a book against your beliefs. It may be a thick book too. But don’t let the apparent weight of evidence fool you. There’s also someone else out there ready to refute it!

Most people in this world are against God (the real God, that is). They’ll mostly reject out of hand anything which might persuade them there’s a God, because to admit this allows for a possible divine judgement against them. But for those who are brave enough to leave their comfy zone, there’s a book out which refutes Dawkins’s latest rant against God. It’s called The Greatest Hoax on Earth, and the author is Jonathan Sarfati. It can be bought at the website of Creation Ministries International (CMI).

The Greatest Hoax on Earth

The Greatest Hoax on Earth


~ by Animus on January 20, 2011.

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