Well the apology has to come first, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering what I’m apologising for, its the creation of a blog. You see, I’ve put it off for years. It seems indulgent. Creating a blog seems to announce, ‘I have something to say and you, world, will want to listen to it.’

But maybe I’m thinking too much again. Maybe I’ll just put finger to key and say stuff; and if people don’t like it, they’ll ignore or comment on it.

The reason for my change of heart is to do with Jesus Christ, not surprisingly. The blog title means, ‘Christ is all’. That’s what he is to me. In this short life, I’ll use whatever means available to glorify God and declare that Jesus is the only saviour of men.

My initial thoughts lead me to the intention of testifying to Bible truths, raising issues which I think need looking at afresh, and challenging and encouraging the family of God.

May God help this sinful creature, saved by the free gift of God, to do something useful for him, while there’s time.


~ by Animus on January 11, 2011.

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